Gardener woman raking up autumn leaves in garden

Raking Leaves

Before you start the engine of your lawnmower or reach for the rake during fall season, you should consider first its possible consequences like neck pain and strain through the shoulders or lower-back strain.

This activity is often associated by playing golf or football, which means there’s a possibility that you could be injured because some of the movements that you have to do are bending, turning, twisting, reaching and mowing can cause serious injury, especially if your body isn’t prepared. Just like any physical activities, it requires a certain warm-up so that any injury could be avoided.

What Can You Do?

Cleaning the yard or raking the leaves is very important because it promotes cleanliness and orderliness of the place. However, if you are not ready to do the activity, you might be prone to some muscle injury that can cause you extensive pain and agony.

That is why it is very important that the worker should warm-up before or after the activity. Warm-up or stretching is very important because it prepares our body to a certain activity or movement. Before you start to lawn or rake the leaves, be sue to wear appropriate clothes and accessories like hat, protective glasses, shoes and gloves that can prevent blisters. In the occasion that your lawn mower is very loud, you can wear hearing protection. In the event that you have allergies or asthma, it is best to wear a protective mask to avoid any allergy attack.

Being hydrated is also very important because you task isn’t an easy activity, so you need to drink at least 8 to 10 ounces of water before you start your work. In fact, you may need more water as you begin to work

In the occasion that you experienced severe pain and discomfort after cleaning the yard, do not hesitate to call or contact the nearest chiropractor in your area. Chiropractors are trained and licensed professionals that can diagnose and treat a certain condition like lower back pain and other conditions that involve the muscle and the spine. In fact more and more people are into chiropractic medicine because it offers a drug-free and surgery-free procedures as well as cost effective treatment, wherein it only involves manual manipulation to treat the condition.

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