Sprains & Strains

This forty-two year old male presented himself with a chronic complaint of a dull, aching pain in his low back. The patient has had this complaint off and on for several years but now it has started to affect his golf game. The patient has been to other chiropractors with some relief. However, he feels he needs someone that can manage his condition and keep him playing golf.

Examination revealed a normal forty-two year old male with mild restriction of his low back on flexion and extension. Reflexes were normal in the lower extremities. Straight leg tests were positive at 60 degrees. Braggards test for nerve encroachment was negative. Palpation revealed a segmental dysfunction at the left and right sacroiliac joints with additional dysfunction at L5.

X-rays of this patient revealed rotational malpositions at the sacrum and L5.

I discussed my findings with this patient. I indicated the need for treatment as well as diet and exercise. The patient agreed. The patient has his first treatment. No previous chiropractor had treated the areas mentioned. The patient felt “more motion” immediately. The patient was advised to return the next day.

The patient returned the following day. He had better motion but more soreness. I explained recovery symptoms to him and placed him on stretching exercises to assist in the balancing of his muscles and help hold the back in place. In addition, my staff showed him the proper diet for his age and condition.

The patient returned in two days feeling much better. I discussed a treatment plan with this patient designed to improve the underlying status of his condition as well as relieve his current. symptoms. The patient agreed.

The patient was re-evaluated six weeks later. He had full range of motion without pain. He showed more strength in his low back. Straight leg tests were negative. The patient explained his energy levels were greatly improved and so was his golf game.

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