Today’s Fashion Can Be Tomorrow’s Pain

Today’s Fashion Can Be Tomorrow’s Pain

Today’s fashion can be your pain for tomorrow and not everything is suitable for you. It is a fact that in these generations most people are now style and fashion conscious. In addition, most clothes designers and stylist main goal is to make a creation that is unique, practical and comfortable.

Primarily, the runway models that are wearing tight pants or skirts and high heels are the ones that are being idolized by young girls and as they grow they will adapt these looks. Even thought models can perfect their walk on the runway, their well-known look and accessories are nor practical and can cause neck, back, leg and spine problems.
In general, women uses high heels not for comfort but for their dress to have an accessory or to complement, which they didn’t particularly realizes that theses shoes could cause severe discomfort into the feet and it can also be the cause of back pain. As you know, high heels primarily change the stable position of the body. It means in the event that women wear high heels, it has a certain effect to the dynamic equilibrium. It also changes the regular configuration of the spine and pelvis in order to maintain gravity on the center.
Women are mostly the ones that are being trapped from fashion more than men. It means women tend to wear tight clothes, high heel shoes, tight pants and skirts, even though these dresses and shoes are undeniably attractive, the person who are wearing that are usually restrictive. When the women wear clothes that are too tight can cause them to have a hindrance on bending, sitting or walking comfortably. Eventually, it may lead to the spine’s misalignment and poor posture.

Using heavy handbags, backpacks and purses are also one factor of unhealthy fashion statement. Both men and women tend to carry numerous items in one briefcase or bag and they are not aware that it can be a potential danger to their health, especially if they do this everyday. It is also important to remember that carrying a bag that is 10 percent of your body weight can cause imbalance.
One more thing, most people particularly men, although some women also tend to carry their personal identification card, credit cards, ATM cards and other important cards. Even though, it is a very convenient way for you to carry these important items each day, but carrying wallet into back packet can also cause discomfort.  That is why, Dr. Brassard strongly encourage men and women to remove wallets into their pocket before they sit on their workplace in order to avoid discomfort and pain.

In order for you to get some important informations and guidelines on how you can have a comfortable clothes that cannot impede or affects your daily activities consult the nearest chiropractor in your area. As you know, chiropractors can guide you the best ways on how to avoid pain and discomfort that can affect your job as well in the long run.

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